Information for LOD

Is it wise to volunteer information that is not being asked during the investigation. I was always told that that will bring more scrutiny during the investigation. My problem is I was issued a letter of denial and what i neede to do to explain the reasoning behind my issues. I filled out an SF 86 in 2020 but i also filled one out in 2009. So now the investigation is going off my 2009 paperwork and they also brought up a credit report from the same year which has no bearing whatsoever now. At that time i had a poor credit rating and there questions are why was my credit in such bad shape, why i didnt pay my bills and taxes. Being13 years ago, i don’t even remember the particulars. Fast forward to today, i have no collections, no late bills, taxes paid on time and an excellent credit rating. My security person wants me to volunteer extra information that was not requested and i was told by other people with a clearance never volunteer information you are not asked about??

She wants me to volunteer information that was not requested by the investigation, OPM. I have to turn in my response to the LOD by next monday, also with a letter describing how i have changed in my financial responsibilities from the past, and that I’m a good boy now and pay my bills. Thats what got my LOD, but should i volunteer extra finances, proof of paid off loans on time etc…? Doesn’t that open me up to new scrutiny regardless of my being up to date on everything plus an excellent credit report?

You’ll probably have to play along to avoid problems even though you’re right

A denial letter is a final decision and closes the case.

Are you confusing that with a LOI?

LOI requests a response with supporting documentation.