Interim Secret Security Clearance

  1. What information is checked when being granted a interim secret security clearance?

  2. Can you get a interim with a sealed record?

  3. If granted a interim secret security clearance what’s the chances of being granted a secret security clearance?

  1. For the most part, some of the information on your SF86 will be verified and an online records check will be completed.
  2. I suspect that you CAN, but the final determination is going to be based on what’s in the sealed records. Even though the records have been sealed, you are required to report the information on your SF86. This is likely, since you have described some of this elsewhere, to prevent you from receiving an interim.
  3. It doesn’t work like that. We can tell you that most people who are granted an interim receive their final clearance but not how likely you are to be in part of the population.

The truth is that you have a better chance at a final clearance than you do at an interim. Interims are not handed out like they used to be. This is partly because the government doesn’t want to grant interim clearance to workers who then do not get a final. This would mean that they are allowing access to classified information by people who have disqualifying characteristics.

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Thanks for the response :relieved:

As Ed mentioned, agencies do not give out interim as they used to unless you are filling a critical position or something to the effect. Even those with squeaky clean records are not given interim. With that said, I wouldnt count on getting interim.

If given interim, you should most likely be adjudicated favorably unless there is some unfavorable information discovered through the background investigation.

Thanks for the update I will let you all know the outcome.

Do you have an update?

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