Investigation Tiers

Has there been any talk about changing or collapsing the investigation tiers even more? I understand that going T1-T5 streamlined the process from what it was before but it still seems overly complicated. (i.e. a contractor has a T3 secret can be sitting next to a federal employee with a T5 secret, doing the same work, accessing the same systems; yet the contractor can’t apply for the federal position because the position description requires a T5 or SSBI at application time)

There has been rumors of going to three tiers, low, medium, high risk. They have only been rumors.

The position drives the clearance and investigation. The contractor position probably is only a medium risk while the federal position is a higher risk position.

I have not heard of usajobs telling anyone not to apply for a federal position unless they already have a certain level of access. Is this an internal posting?

It’s difficult getting those with current TS to understand this. Some think once they are cleared at TS level, they are cleared for all levels. That’s not how it works, and for good security reasons.