Multiple clearance investigations

Long story short: had a current Secret from when I was Active Duty, left the service and got a contractor job requiring the Secret. Just redid my investigation 4/2018, but apparently OPM or whoever never updated the investigation dates even though it was closed on 7/2018. So the contractor job said I could remain in the position but had to be escorted and could not be issued badges until the investigation dates were updated.

Jump ahead a month and I am given a tentative job offer with the VA, but the new position only requires a Tier 1 instead of the Tier 3. So, my current job said because the Tier 1 was opened most recently and is a lower level then I lost my Secret clearance and therefore lost my contractor job.

My question is: does a tier 1 override the tier 3, which is a higher clearance level? To me it doesn’t make sense that I should lose the higher clearance that I already had just because another agency opened a new investigation at a lower level.

You can have multiple investigations for multiple clients open. And multiple clearances. Someone did not use correct verbiage when they submitted the last request. On my compound I have folks working multiple contracts. If they quit one, they sometimes end up getting all clearances terminated instead of just the one sponsorship. It requires a lot of work to get it reversed and normally government intervention not contractor.

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