Investigator Productivity Ideas/Tips


I know… I’ve seen those during TDYs. We have two major installations at my normal station but they closed the DSS offices as soon as the investigators went OPM.

The only real advantage I’ve found for a dedicated office is having and interview space available 24/7.


My area desperately needs one


The SAC in my area now has an actual office space on post. The area I work in is a HUB zone. the contractor I work has an office in the local area. The PM lets us use the conference room whenever we have a subject who doesn’t already for for an agency or contractor.


Does anyone here know if OPM only hires around the DC or VA area? I’d love to go Fed eventually.


I got word this week from a client who works contract DOD, that they were setting up an office in her building for the investigators. Im fully assuming that this is for the feds. With that said, would contractors be able to use that same office if we had business within that same building?


OPM is primarily around DC area. NBIB is nationwide.


No matter how small, always CYA.


Leads, leads, and more leads, then disclaim.

For every component, ask the subject for leads and don’t stop asking. Case type and issues will determine how many sources are needed, but don’t stop at two or three leads. All too often a source won’t be available, won’t cover the entire time, or won’t talk about issues. Getting as many knowledgeable sources is crucial.

Secondly, communicate those leads. Depending on which contractor you work for or if your fed, you’ll either have to report them in the report or send a case message. I say do both and CYA.

Lastly, disclaim that subject was asked and couldn’t provide any additional leads for A, B, C, and D. As a reviewer, it drives me crazy having to reopen a good report because the investigator failed to obtain and share leads. Seeing that disclaimer closes the door.


@backgdinvestigator, .you mention that “There are two contracting companies I could work for and would’ve if I had not jumped to the Fed side.”. Would it be ok to ask which two contracting companies?


I prefer not to say as it then sounds like an endorsement.

I happen to have directly worked for two of the VPs for two of the contracting companies. I trust their integrity.


How often are TDYs? What is expected during these temporary duties. Are you there to help investigators in the area with their cases? Is a vehicle provided or do you have to rent one?


TDYs locations and frequency vary - if you fly to your TDY location, you normally rent a vehicle. TDY or detailing means you become a temporary investigator in that area. You are given your own workload to work and close.

I like going TDY and travel three to four weeks three to four times a year. Sometimes less, rarely more.