Investigators vs. Coronavirus

Doing piss poor phone investigations impacts both the military and national security.


So this is what I don’t “get” about the new guidance, which states that we are allowed to conduct sources/records by phone now, as a safety precaution, but ONLY if the source or record provider decides its too unsafe to meet in person and doesn’t want to take the risk. Fair enough, however on the flip-side, shouldn’t us investigators have the right to decide if WE don’t want to meet in person?? From what I’m understanding here, we are still required to do face to face interviews on records and sources as long as the sources feel safe. What if I don’t feel safe??? Are we investigators not allowed to make that call based on our own safety?


I doubt anything will really be done until investigators start testing positive, which sadly is what it will take. There has already been a positive case at a facility I was just at the other day, so yippee.

I do agree that doing nothing but phone interviews is a poor way of conducting these investigations, but COVID-19 is just as much a threat to national security as anything else, and until a vaccine is developed there is literally no other option to slow the spread other than avoiding coming into contact with people


At a meeting today, DCSA said they would have guidance out next week about what to do if a subject cannot or will not meet for a subject interview. There was discussion eliminating the interview or doing them all by phone. Guess we will see next week.

I am just wondering about the reason there is suddenly an abundance of work when it’s been ridiculously slow for weeks, at least in my area. These are relatively newer cases as well, most dated late February - early March.
Unfortunately with the restrictions of COVID-19 and implementation of Continuous Evaluation, combined with the inevitable layoffs and hiring freezes that are likely to occur (or occurring presently), I can certainly foresee our workloads drying up relatively soon as well.


As a contractor, I typically get more work when the full timers are taking leave around holidays and spring break. That work gets shifted to me. Covid-19 likely has resulted in many taking their vacation and sick leave. Reduction of work force likely.

I have asthma, I informed my manager, but there is nothing she can do. According to our company we are still required to meet Subject’s in person for T4/T5, C/D issues. I agree about not conducting these ESIs over the phone when there are issues. However, I speak with several individuals in the industry and was told that DCSA is placing those ESIs in “Pending” and the SA’s are not required to meet Subject’s in person at this time. I am not sure if this is true so don’t quote me. But, if this is true and we Contract Investigators are required to, well, that is just disgusting if you ask me. I hope NO investigator/SA get’s ill. I find it disheartening when you have the government/CDC and our President advising people to practice social distancing, but still requiring us to meet Subject’s? Although our job is important, I don’t believe that getting sick or my life is worth it, sorry. Now, if we were in emergency management, FEMA/Law enforcement/paramedics that is different. We are not in positions of immediate life or death situations. Re-investigations are important right now as these are individuals are already in the position. I understand that initial BIs are also important as these are individuals waiting to start work or have an interim. But, we have to take precautions and prioritize these cases and should be adhering to our President’s advice and that of the CDC.

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I agree! Nope, we are not allowed to make that decision, we are to put ourselves in danger of contracting the virus for profit. Sad, but this is the way it goes. I was told that because of contractual agreements, our company will not get paid if we don’t adhere to DCSA’s contract requirements, unless DCSA gives us the OK! It’s sickening if you ask me.

Agreed. So, until COVID-19 is under control, any C/D levels issue ESIs, T4/T5 (initial BIs) should be placed into pending status. We can still work the Sources/records by fax/telephone to keep the case going (non-C/D level cases) that is. It is not worth Investigators getting seriously ill with a life threatening virus. Do you agree? In addition, this is a threat to national Security if we keep being required to meet these people, who can possibly be infected and not even know it yet since there is a 2-14 day incubation period. That means there is a possibility they can pass it to us, we pass it to others all while asymptomatic, passing it to our children/families. This is how pandemics get worse.

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There is NO reason those cases cannot be pulled while this blows over. These contracting companies are more so concerned with profit and appeasing the customer and that’s what is bothersome in this. I am not and would never risk my health or the health of those I love for the gain of my job. If I was on the front lines, that is a different story. However, we have no idea who/ what/ where any of the individuals have been or what they have come into contact with despite the ‘pre-screener questions’ they want us asking. Only to possibly pass it on to the next location or individual we meet with. The perfect storm. I’m doing what I can by phone and the rest can wait.


I currently have an ESI that needs to be done for a military subject still in high school. He is unemployed. Our libraries are closed. His school and recruiting office are closed. I asked my supervisor where we could meet, if the subject is even willing to. He suggested a parking lot and we each sit in our own cars and talk through the window. Just amazing leadership all around.


Horrible leadership. None know what they are doing, the Blind leading the Blind!

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As a former team lead, I agree. Upper management does not have the best interests of the field at heart. It’s one of the main reasons I left this industry and never looked back.


You can’t be serious, that was actually a suggestion…by management?


It’s called “Corporate Greed” and ALL of the contractors are ate up with it😡. SO glad I left this industry


Why? Because that is how it has always been done…that’s why!!! Fed-Investigator, please educate us all and state ONE REAL, ACTUAL case (in general terms) how a telephone interview resulted in a “negative impact on both the military and national security”. Or, are you just stating facts where there is NO evidence? How do you know there would be negative impact? What was the specific negative military impact AND the negative National security impact you are referring to? Again, you only need to respond if you can state an true example.


I said a piss poor phone interview.

Your reading comprehension is terrible.

You already admitted to providing piss poor interviews in person so of course you don’t see a difference. You just keep going through the motions and checking those boxes, you don’t even need good reading comprehension for that.

And please, you don’t need to tell me when I can and can’t respond, that’s just dumb, even for you.

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I receive emails, text messages and robo calls for my area informing us that we need limit in person contact (outside of the home). Why aren’t these companies allowing us to follow these instructions? I just cannot get my head around how they are putting Investigators in potentially dangerous situations. How is the DoD allowing this, we are doing their work? Why are Contract investigators treated so poorly? And not only us, what if an FI contracts the virus and passes it to Subjects/Sources? That’s just not right!!!

Just who do you think you are questioning an “Agent.” How dare you hahaha.

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yes, he/she seems to be a bit condescending (at times), maybe out of frustration possibly? But, we all are. Not all of us are worthy enough I presume to carry that “Gold Badge”. I guess we didn’t know the right people or kiss enough a**. Contract investigators work so hard, they put in so many hours, work the case to the utmost integrity and care about the job, but yet treated, like I previously said, like compost. Must be great to not be required to meet in person as I hear SAs are not required to do and their C/D level cases along with any T4/T5 in person (during a pandemic) are placed back in pending, when these blood-sucking companies continue to require us to meet people during a pandemic. I just cannot wrap my head around it.