Investigators vs. Coronavirus

Has anyone heard if there is any plan for Investigators concerning field work in areas where schools & offices may close due to Coronavirus? I’m beginning to get a little concerned as my city has confirmed 3 cases yesterday and the mayor has just cancelled all St. Patricks parades and Super Sunday.

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Generic “pre-screening” questions and guidance from corporate. Most of my interviews are on military bases and, so far, everyone is still shaking hands (of course, I wash my hands after every interview session).


They better not pull that BS (remember low-rate TESIs?) about paying less for interviews done by phone or video. My brain works the same and I put in the time.


Curious what is going to come of this. Albeit, I’m sure it will be fine, I’m feeling far more cautious about heading out for interviews tomorrow given all that’s occurred within the last hour.

Huge negative impact on our economy for sure. Outside of the previous cancellations mention yesterday, they have now called for all students in college dorms to move out and in person classes are suspended until end of semester in my city. It just gets worse and worse by the day. I hope we are able to continue working somehow around this.

PLEASE KNOW, I do not want to start any rumors, but I feel someone here may have the answer (possibly). So again, please know, this is just a question and not sure if credible.: I heard that DSCA Agents are “quarantined” and working from home. Is this true?

Not true. We are out and working, I leave for TDY in a week.


We are not quarantined – still working as normal.


Thank you for responding. Much appreciated!

I understand completely.

Ok just making sure. Thank you!

I’m assuming, and hoping, some sort of guidance will be released tomorrow.

So the governor of Louisiana just canceled all K through 12 schools until mid April. All colleges closing, telling students to move out, classes online only, all of my major city’s upcoming festivals and activities including conventions are cancelled or rescheduled to the Fall. I’ve been keeping my son home since Wednesday anyway out of abundance of caution. But as for my area, the snowball effect closures continue. I began stockpiling food and other necessities about a month ago to get ahead of the current shortages in stores. Pandemic Spring Break 2020 my teenagers are calling it. March is cancelled. Argghhh…

Funny how this didn’t happen with the swine flu…

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Agreed! I am not sure why “now” the media is causing people to become hysterical. There were also cases of Ebola during the previous administration (and the swine flu like you stated). No one closed schools, offices, etc

Well Ebola was different, it wasn’t a virus that you could catch easily. It was by bodily fluid transmission, close contact. There were very few cases in the U.S.
I do agree with the closures and reducing social contact, it will help. China and Italy were late to realize what they should have done, then it was just too late to stop it.

My TDY was cancelled. Hearing big changes may be coming down on Monday. My guess is a liberal use of phone and VTC but who knows.


Wellll, we need some answers sooner rather than later. We heard guidance was supposed to come yesterday. I am probably going to postpone scheduled interviews until we get guidance as a precaution.

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Try to stay calm and don’t add to the mass hysteria out there. A mask will do you no good unless you were infected and trying to stop the spread from those living in close proximity to you or in the same home. This will pass. We’ll get through this but we need a lot less selfish Americans and people out there that stop hoarding food, TP, and basic essentials. It’s getting out of hand.

As far as our jobs are concerned, be prepared to be out of work for as many as 3-4 months before we can get back to the way things used to be done. I’ve saved over the years for a rainy day and the rainy day is here.

I hope we all can stay safe and healthy through this and take care of those that will be affected by this terrible virus.


I would assume for investigators, you guys in the worst case can do your interviews virtually. A phone is all you and the subject needs for that. What about adjudication? Can that review be done from home? Or Is it a TS material that can’t be accessed remotely, does anybody know?

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