Is their a limit for debt?

Hey everybody,
Been waiting 9 months already for my secret. Already did the investigation and in limbo. My credit isn’t all that great. Had a few collections but all are paid off. My biggest concern is I owe over 10k in taxes. All this year I’ve been on time with my payment plan but last yr not so much. I keep hearing if you owe a certain limit you won’t get approved. I also hear as long as you’re making the payments you should be fine. Anybody have some light to shed on this?

First and foremost, security clearances are taking a number of months to process. So, 9 months may not be excessive. However, I understand your concern regarding the debt. The issue surrounding your taxes is likely to arise, but you appear to have a payment plan in place that you’re following. That’s certainly in your favor and exactly what you need to continue doing. That being said, the debt may be a concern for the adjudicators. If it does, you’ll be notified and the issues will have to be presented in such a way as to mitigate any potential concerns the investigators may have. Right now, you’re in a hold situation pending action (favorable or otherwise) by the USG. I hope this helps.

@Andrew_Bakaj this helps me out a lot. Thanks. For what I’ve been reading with everyone else, you’re correct, 9 months doesn’t seem that long. So I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing.
Question, you said a adjudicator may notify me? Would this be by mail stating I would have to show proof of payment or something like that? I already did my interview with the investigator and all they asked was for me to sign a form in order for them to contact the irs.

The key terminology here is “delinquent” debt. If you are on a payment plan and it is corroborated then it is not an issue. Think in terms of loans and mortgages, people owe $200K on a loan an dare making their payments on time- there is no issue. Of course the reason for why you owe taxes is considered as well as why you are not up to date on payments. This is the issue you need to address.

OK thanks @marko.hakamaa. if anything comes up I’ll make sure I’m prepared.

If there are no concerns, then you will be okay. However, if the investigators are unable to adjudicate you favorably you will receive a statement of reasons. At that point you will have an opportunity to address the concerns raised. With debt, as Marko stated, the issue is what is delinquent and whether you are timely paying down what is required via a payment plan.

There is no maximum. You can read about past cases, some people have over 100k in debt and still get cleared.