Is there an maximum number of foreign national contacts one can have to receive a clearance?

I was wondering if there an maximum number of foreign national contacts one can have to receive/maintain a security clearance? Is there some number at which an investigating agency will terminate your processing?

If one lives overseas on the economy and interacts with nothing but foreign nationals daily…that is explainable. And understandable. If one does not yet their social media is full of North Korean, Russian and Cuban folks…different story. If you live a multi cultural life in a diverse location…explainable and understandable. The key here is the motivations behind the connections. Are they casual? Work only? Social media only? Or do you seek out only foreign nationals? If so, Why? What is your allegiance? What is their influence?

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Be sure to put Facebook connections–even if you haven’t spoken to them in 2 years! To me, that doesn’t meet the burden of proof for continuing contact but that’s just me.

Thanks for the helpful reply; much appreciated. I suppose the operative scenario here is living a relatively “multi cultural life in a diverse location.” It seems from your answer that there is no “magic number” to the question.

No . . . There is are no magic numbers for anything . . . Well . . . I guess is that you had ONLY foreign contacts you might have a problem.

While there is no magic number, it really depends on the agency that will adjudicate your background investigation. I can imagine some agencies might be uneasy about extensive foreign contacts. I think the agency’s security manager probably the best person to ask.

Not too many people or groups (except official bodies) are on social media in either Cuba or North Korea. I wouldn’t call either society particularly “multi-cultural” either!

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Late response, but…

Exactly my point. If your connections are filled with those connections, in those countries…only the connected are on line or are intell related…Houston…we got a problem…