Language Learnings Apps

Is it unwise to use language learning online tutoring apps (e.g., Italki) to enhance language skills while holding or trying to obtain a security clearance? Online tutors are typically based in foriegn countries, sometimes countries that are adversaries of the US. Want to confirm before I use.

Not sure how I would report foriegn contact on account of very little information (e.g., email, phone number, address, last name) being available to the students. Thoughts?

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The issue is more about how much information they get on you. It may be better if you can get a tutor here in the states. It also matters what language you are learning and what country the speaker is in.

I would seriously avoid signing up to learn Chinese or Urdu. Both native lands have plenty of people in the US still working for the home country. If you are trying to lean French from someone in France or Canada, I don’t see much of an issue.

The clarifying thing here is your relationship (or lack there of) with these “tutors”.

The question on the form asks if you’ve had any “close and/or continuing contact with a foreign national… with whom you
… are bound by affection, influence, common interests, and/or obligation.”

As long as you haven’t become friends with any of these tutors (aka no affection, influence, social communication, etc) you’re fine. They do not count as foreign contacts.

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