Do I have a chance?

After reading posts for the last couple of weeks I have decided to post my questions here.Hope I can express myself well because I am pretty confused. I am a native speaker of one of the mission-critical languages, and have been working as language instructor for US Air Force and Special Operations Forces. I also have experience as translator. One agency that I am really looking forward to work for has been looking for language instructors for a while now. I applied online and 3 months later I was invited to complete some tests. It’s been two months since that and I haven’t heard anything assuming I am not in the running since its been more than 45 days. I got my citizenship in 2017 and I believe I have dual citizenship with the country that I was born. I am also at early 30s (that agency has age limit,35).
So when I consider all these parameters I believe getting a clearance by this agency (I have DoD clearance in the progress by another organization for an on-call consulting position) and working for that agency is very unlikely for me. But before making my final decision (I also have a strong design background) and changing my career to another direction I would like to get you guys’ opinions about it.
Any feedback appreciated. Thanks in advance

What do you want to know exactly? You looked at the FBI or the state department? I would go work for them but I found a contractor that will accept my mission critical language.

For example, whether 35 age limit very strict or can be waived? I was born in another country(middle east), so dual citizenship is not by my parents. Is this a red flag also? I got my US Citizenship in 2017, is this a concern?
I am trying to understand when considering all above situations is it unlikely for me to get a TSI-Poly clearance, so that I will go another direction.
Since some people here are very experienced with clearance process I would like to get their opinions, like I have too many question marks-change direction, or go for it.
(An organization wanted to apply to secret clearance for me just for on call position, they said it’s rare language so they wanted to keep me in their database, but I decided not to go for it)

If you are going for a FED job it can take up to a year to get hired. That is for EVERYONE.

Not necessarily. HR moves at its own slow pace. If you haven’t heard anything in over six months, maybe its time to move on. But don’t give up yet.

I only know of a few positions at a few agencies that have an age limit :wink: and as I have heard they do have some flexibility.

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I would try the State Department. They are in a huge need for talented people. Plus, with the State department they do their own vetting.


Thanks a lot. This is the kind of feedback I was looking for

They also don’t poly in most cases.