Late payment of taxes

Well I’m going through the clearance process now so there is nothing right now I can do about it. Again I hope it’s not a dealbreaker. I’ve learned my lesson to not let personal issues with family take over my life and if I’m approved I’m going to be a punctual tax payer from now on so I don’t have to go through this again in 5 years.

Understood. Moving forward…change the pattern. It is easy to slip dates and the best of intentions. Life gets in the way. The clearance folks have lives as well and understand that. As long as you make the right course corrections you can get back up on the pony and keep riding.

Update: my clearance was approved. I took an online tax course (got a certificate), and I have employed a cpa to do my taxes. I was honest about what was going on in my life and basically told them it would never happen again. As God is my witness, I will never be late on my taxes again. I never want to go through this again. Thanks to everyone for their help!


Outstanding! Thanks for posting an update. We like hearing about specific cases as it builds our knowledge base on what gets approved and what does not get approved.

The moral of my story is to tell the truth. I answered yes on the question about taxes, provided the requested forms quickly, and I was the one to bring up the tax issues to the investigator because they had no idea about my tax issues. I took the whole situation very seriously, I took an online tax class, and hired a cpa firm to do my taxes so that I’ll never be late again. I am honestly remorseful regarding my actions and I will never be late again and I think those feelings really came through in my interview. To anyone out there reading this, please pay your taxes on time every year.

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I know this is about a year old, but I’m in a situation not too far off of what you were.

If you don’t mind me asking, what tax course did you take that you got that certificate from? I would like to do one myself to show the Adjudicators that I am at least attempting to be prudent with taxes.

Found it! I took the course at Udemy. You can google them.

I’m sorry, I don’t remember but it was some online course. I think it cost me $20. It took 3 hours to watch all the videos. It was simply a tax prep course. Also, hire a tax firm to do your taxes and bring proof that you hired them. Good luck.

Thank you very much!

Tyler7788, I was in a similar situation. My tax attorney advised these courses:
Online Credit Counselling course certificate from one of the following:

            (a)          [](

            (b)          [](

            (c)           [](

            (d)          [](

            (e)          [](

            (f)           [](

            (g)          [](

Thank you very very much. I will complete two of those for good measure.

If you don’t mind me asking, how did it go, in getting your clearance? That is if you’ve already gotten it.

It took about 4 months total to get my clearance from start to finish. It was a reinvestigation. I was completely honest with the investigator, I let them know how sorry I was and showed them the steps I was taking to prevent this from ever happening again such as hiring a tax firm to do my taxes. I also have excellent credit rating and I let them know that by giving them a copy of my credit score. I made it clear this was an aberration. I’ve also followed through with the mitigating actions. My federal and state taxes were filed in January. The tax firm has been instructed to send me a reminder email every January.

Did you use some small tax firm or something like H&R Block?

Something like H and R Block

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