Leaving the field

I’m looking for a change of pace before I consider leaving this career entirely. Has anyone served in other roles than FI that can offer insight as to what the role is like? Specifically Field Team Leader and Case Assignment Coordinator.

Look for adjudicator roles and personnel security roles. I’ve done both and was in the field for 15 years.

I interviewed for a case assigner job at one point. The pay was extremely low and working on the weekend was required. Not worth it, in my opinion. That said, I’ve worked in other roles within the contract that I have enjoyed so much more than being an investigator (more corporate-type roles without being too specific). You definitely get treated better, better work-life balance, etc.

What do you do now? And which role did you prefer?

I love being an adjudicator! I see all the unnecessary stuff that we asked in the field that isn’t even needed as an adjudicator.


And you see the frustration with the ROIs that don’t report the information needed.


Do you work in the office or remotely as an adjudicator? I see a ton of job postings for adjudicator positions but all seem to be in the DC area.

I was a field team leader for a few years, (less than 3).

I enjoyed it in many ways more than being an FI but it wasn’t something I could do long term for several reasons. Mostly I’m too ambitious and so I had to leave this industry to keep advancing at the rate that I needed. Though being an FI had it’s perks too.

Your mileage may vary of course. Could be worth looking into.

That is the worse part!