Transition from FT to IC

I am currently FT with Perspecta, somehow saved from the last RIF. However, my workload has drastically changed to covering areas I previously did not cover. My work has also transition from mainly NBIB/DCSA to alternate contracts (I am not a big fan, maybe cause it’s all so new). Now my travel time will be 45 minutes - 2 hours one way. I was told this was due to the non-existent work in my county. I hate to complain as they JUST laid people off and here I am with new work. I am thinking of transitioning to a IC but do not know the forecast of work. I just assume that there would be a variety of work with different companies. Is it worth looking into?

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The IC’s will always be second priority for work after the FT BI’s. If you look around this site, you will see that most IC’s are struggling to get enough work, and many have left the industry. Unless you don’t need the money and are only working for fun, I would stick with your FT Perspecta job but concurrently look for opportunities in other industries.


How interesting you were riffed by GDIT, was that due to the contract ending or not enough work? Funny enough, I interviewed with GDIT sometime last year but turned the position down due to the lowball offer they gave me.

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It was the end of the contract. They did try to keep some full timers on with a part time position on DHS. I’ve been offered it twice but it requires a lot of travel. I know only one former teammate who took the offer and is still working. She stays on TDY mostly.

Agreed. Stay with FT job if you want FT salary. Any IC job will be a hobby job, it now seems.

As one of the people caught in the RIF, I’ll trade you. I was happily driving 2+ hrs for interviews when necessary.