Letter after background

This is actually for someone that received their SOR. Although they were forthright in their SF86 and to the investigators, the letter stated that a family member of this person might have been involved in an illicit activity. No other details were provided or whether this member was actually guilty of such behavior. The letter stated “Issue of personal conduct through association”. This member lives in the same household and something from their past. What is the best defense besides stating the truth that they were completely unaware of such alleged behavior? It’s the first time they’ve ever heard of it otherwise he/she would have disclosed it before it got this point.

Does it really matter if you knew about it or not? I am not sure what the letter states but it could be the fact you are bound by affection. The SOR could be stating you are not eligible because of your family members behavior, not because you didnt tell them. Can you give any more details?

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So I went to the DOHA site where they list the results of decisions affecting contractor clearances (no military or civil service cases are listed here). It looks like all the issues related to “family” had to do with “foreign influence,” presumably family members still residing overseas.

Based on what @Hf9 has reported, the individual has a family member who ‘might have been involved’ in some activity, and presumably the individual either was personally involved in, or had knowledge of, this possible activity.

As @velcroTech has noted it may not be so simple to mitigate this concern. This sounds like a case where it would be worthwhile to consult an attorney who specializes in security clearance cases.

Thanks for your response! It is complicated and very different from other personal conduct issues I’ve seen here. I wanted to be helpful. This friend has a clean background and has always worked hard. The family member in question was never charged or incarcerated or was even a perpetual criminal. I want to just say if you don’t know, then you don’t know.

Has this person requested a copy of their investigation through a FOIA request? It might shed more light on everything.

Right he must know because one of his references spoke about it or there’s a record of it somewhere. It’s hard to mitigate something when there hasn’t been any change since the activity. The person lives in the house with them. That’s a tough one. Do you know what the illicit activity is?

Truth always prevails in the end. Even if people seem to doubt you, stand behind your word. Ultimately, the friend conquered! Now, if by chance it didn’t work out, then perhaps it wasn’t meant to be at that time, but don’t give up.