Liar Liar Pants on Fire

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Another Defense Office of Hearing an Appeals (DOHA) case to shake your head at and say, “What the heck was he thinking?” This security clearance applicant was denied eligibility under personal conduct for lying multiple times about having used marijuana within the last seven years. Take note, the DoD did not consider the illegal drug…


Which lesson? “Don’t lie to investigators?” or "if you’re pursuing a clearance, don’t do anything illegal?

Don’t lie. Period. On your paperwork, to your investigator. It’s pretty simple really.

The liar defense is more common than you think. I’ve read court case numbers to Subjects, and verified their name, DOB, SSAN, and address from same court record, court showed they were served, sentenced, and still had them deny the incident.

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What a waste of resources. He should have been ineligible immediately after the first lie.

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The intent in these situations is to gather enough information in these cases to “slam the door”.

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Always the cover up. Interesting to see the use is finally acknowledged by the government as “not necessarily something” to deny a clearance over.