When a Clearance Was Granted Despite the Applicant Lying About Cocaine Use

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Most of the case examples highlighted on this site are clearance denials upheld by the Defense Office of Hearing and Appeals (DOHA). Here is a good example of a case where the applicant had issues concerning recent cocaine and then lying about it, but was able to mitigate the issues and be granted eligibility for a clearance.…

Hello, I got favorable for clearance in October, what does this mean? I finished my CI interview in July, is this mean am going to start my work soon?

Marco . . . My SOR was all financial issues but I used the same method to come out on top of my hearing. I went through the guidelines and reviewed the ALL of the mitigating factors for each of the financial issues charged. I decided which could apply and which not. Then I researched and documented each item on the SOR in terms of the applicable mitigating factors.

It helped that I am pretty good writer. I elected to have my hearing on the written record instead of sitting across the table from a government lawyer. This way the government was required to layout their reasoning and then I got reply with cross-examination. In the FORM, the government did not directly address any potential mitigating factors which allowed me to have the only word on the subject.

Good to hear it worked out for you. Knowledge gives one the ability to present the facts not otherwise seen on face value.

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