Local Police Department Search


Some time ago I called the records department where the incident report is located (with the city). This is regarding roommate calling the police on me for a false accusation. It is filed under a verbal domestic.
I am going nuts over this. I was told by the person that future employers can conduct a background search with the local police department, and if they do, they can find the incident report.
My question is, how often do employers conduct such a background search? I was told this incident report will not be on my criminal history, however. Only with the local police department and if an employer conducts this level of a search, the employer can find the report.
I was also told the employer would need my consent. I would give the employer my consent. I would even explain the situation upfront on the application. Very embarrassing, but what’s done is done.
I am just very afraid of disappointment and being unable to support my family. How often do employers perform a local police department search for police contact?
What are my chances of finding a position of employment in my field? Does this make me seem to possess a bad character in the eyes of the employer? What to do?
Your help and advice would be appreciated. Thank you.


I have a decade of background investigating.

You know what, I’m not sure this would even come up in an SSBI for a top secret or TS-SCI unless they uncovered something in statewide law check or there was an arrest or you disclose it. Now, that’s for a background check for the U.S. Gov’t who has the resources and authority to do these checks. A private employer does not. And I seriously doubt that an employer would even go to this level, even if you were up for CEO of Goldman Sachs.

I know-- from having gone through a lot of employment files-- that most employers use a commercial service that is done through electronic record searches, which is a very crude search. An employer conducting a search at your local police department is something I have never heard of and could never imagine. But let’s say that this 10^40 event occurs, and the employer has the proper signed release from you, I would say the chances are 2 to 1 the person inquiring into you will leave with simply with a “no arrests” result. They most likely wouldn’t be provided with information from a complaint or report.

Go to the local court in your city and do a search on your name (this is public information anyone can get) to make sure nothing is there unbeknownst to you. And just for the heck of it, purchase one of the better online criminal checks services and see if anything is listed there.

Honestly, I wouldn’t worry about it. But I know, when it’s you and your life involved objectivity and reason goes out the window and your imagination starts mapping out every catastrophic permutation.

Trust me, a year from now you’ll look back and laugh about how paranoid you were. :wink:

Hi T,

Thank you very much for your detailed reply.
I will check out the court in my city to further ease my mind regarding this matter.
Thank you again.