Long travel before obtaining Public Trust MBI

Does being out of the country for over 30 days in past 3 years affect eligibility to obtain Public Trust MBI? That is one of the first questions some employers in IT industry ask along with if a candidate is authorized to work etc. Is it really a dealbreaker or it is just something that would need to be clarified during the check? My second question is if I can obtain a Public Trust by myself and then apply for positions that require it?

I am a Green Card holder and traveled to Ukraine for 32 days last year. I found info about financial history checks, employment history and all other aspects and in my case I should be all good besides that trip I had.

Couldn’t find any info regarding someone being out of the country so any help is appreciated!

As long as you have maintained residency in the U.S. for 3 or more years, going out of the country for 32 days is not an issue, but will have to be explained. You cannot request a public trust background investigation on yourself, you have to be sponsored by a government agency for employment into a position that requires it.

Thank you for a reply!

Hello! I googled the question intensively and it looks like you are the most qualified person in whole internet in this regard.

I got my green card almost three years ago but spent in US like 7 days combined since than, being out of country (in Canada) on reentry permit. I have my SSN card, bank account, credit cards, home address, filed taxes - I did all of what literally called “maintaining residency status” according to US Customs and Border Protection. So the question is, will I be eligible for public trust investigation 3 years into my green card or not?

Thank you!

LPRs are eligible for low risk nonsensitive and moderate risk public trust positions, but cannot be placed in high risk public trust positions. The only exception is when the duties of the position are so specialized that the pool of U.S. citizen candidates is extremely limited.

Yes, of course. But will they even run the check if I’m LPR less than three years most of which I spent out of country?

Your guess is as good as mine, but federal background investigations on foreign nationals require for them to have lived in the U.S. for three years. So if they can’t complete the background investigation it may limit you abilities to do the job even if you were hired.