Long travel before obtaining Public Trust MBI


Does being out of the country for over 30 days in past 3 years affect eligibility to obtain Public Trust MBI? That is one of the first questions some employers in IT industry ask along with if a candidate is authorized to work etc. Is it really a dealbreaker or it is just something that would need to be clarified during the check? My second question is if I can obtain a Public Trust by myself and then apply for positions that require it?

I am a Green Card holder and traveled to Ukraine for 32 days last year. I found info about financial history checks, employment history and all other aspects and in my case I should be all good besides that trip I had.

Couldn’t find any info regarding someone being out of the country so any help is appreciated!


As long as you have maintained residency in the U.S. for 3 or more years, going out of the country for 32 days is not an issue, but will have to be explained. You cannot request a public trust background investigation on yourself, you have to be sponsored by a government agency for employment into a position that requires it.


Thank you for a reply!