Public trust, domiciled, being in transit

Hello, I have been hired for a position that requires a Public Trust. I am an introvert who keeps to himself and I move around a lot. I am domiciled in Livingston, Texas but I rent rooms, stay in Airbnb’s, stay in hotels and rent apartments when I take a contract for a new position. Being introverted I am friendly but I have only known my neighbors by first name never socializing or keeping in touch with them. To make things worse being domiciled allows me to move around a lot so I put my property in storage, get in the car and move on not staying the 30 days in one spot to call oneself a Resident. If I leave out the short term stays (less than 30 days) then I have 2-3 month gaps in where I have lived. If I include the locations for every night where I stayed it would equal about 80 locations in 7 years.

After a quick online search I am contemplating a form that states,
“List the places where you have lived, beginning with the most recent (#1) and working back 7 years. All periods must be accounted for in your list.”

Does “where you have lived” mean a 30-day Residential definition and if so how do you account for the gaps in-between locations since I was not at the domiciled address in-between 30 day stays?
Can anyone who knows advise me on this?
Thank you …

Anything more than a 30 day gap is the rule my client requires. It sounds like a peculiar life and that in and of itself may raise questions. Not saying it is a negative, just something requiring a full scoping. It is a nightmare to line up all those dates. You normally must provide a verifier for places in the last 3 years. If you paid electronically, likely there is a digital trail to research address, even for Air Bn B. I am sure they too keep records and can prove you were there. As a fellow introvert I understand the lack of social stimulation. We don’t need it, find it draining, and recharge in solitude. You can use the apartment manager office for those periods spent there if you do not know neighbors. I would provide an explanation as you did above. If you were on legit legal work and moved about no issues. If it was sketchy…and some might view it as such and really dig to find an angle as to what you were really doing…so I think it would slow it down. But providing an explanation helps to alleviate those concerns.

I turns out that most online hotel bookings only go back at most two years so, for example, if I paid Expedia it would not show where I stayed and the exact dates. Should I plan for the investigation to last at least 6 months?

Easily 6 months. Your credit card would have that info maybe? Reward programs?

Well, I received my e-QIP after 5 weeks for a simple 5 year, T1 investigation. The e-QIP was rejected with-in 48 hours because I did not have the information for a “Person Who Knew You” where I have lived and worked. I want to remove/discontinue/abort my application from the Public Trust investigation process. Can someone tell me the proper way to do this?

Thank you …

Tell the employer that required the T1 that you are no longer interested in the position and you will not cooperate with any investigation. That should end the investigation.

backgdinvestigator, Thank You.