Last 3 years only residence verifiers

Just curious as to why the SF86 is only interested in me providing only the last 3 years of residence verifiers, but the form asks for the last 10 years of residences? Why wouldn’t the investigator be interested in going beyond the 3 years of residence and those verifiers?

Because we do more than just talk to neighbors using the information from the residences.

I’ll defer to BI on that one, but food for thought, today’s mobile society may make it difficult to have neighbors who actually remember a guy more than 3 years ago particularly around military bases or where neighbors are just wave and say hello types.

It’s because people move and regarding the investigation, only most recent neighbors are contacted.

Food for thought, not many people even interact with neighbors especially in apartment complexes.

I can’t really explain some of the methods with the madness (and I am not sure many would grasp the meaning of the madness), but there really are reasons for the questions and timelines.