SF-86 Time Scopes vs. Investigator Questions


the sf-86 has 3 different time scopes for questions. there is “last 7 years”, “last 10 years”, and “have you ever”?

if i meet with an investigator, does he/she ask questions based on the same time scopes in the SF-86? or do i have to be prepared to provide answers that go farther back than my SF-86.

for example, the SF-86 asks for residences in the last 10 years. do i need to answer where i lived 15 years ago if the investigator asks? (nothing to hide, it’s just more for me to research.) or, the sf-86 asks if i ever “quit a job after being told i would be fired” in the last 7 years. what if I quit a sales job 10 years ago after not meeting my sales targets?

can i just stick with the SF-86 time scopes or can the investigator change them up?


The only time they go beyond the scope asked for the questions are if there were issues in a previous investigation that have resurfaced in the current one or if there are discrepancies in the information you provided previously.