Personal BI Interview

Will the investigator ask question concerning outside the timeline of the SF-85? Like will ask have you EVER been arrested/done drugs etc? When the SF-85 has a specific look back period? Or are they just looking to review your answers with you?

Out of scope questions are fair game if the issue is brought up either by you (verbally or on your SCA) or another source. The investigator reviews your SCA answers to give you a chance to change anything. After the Subject interview, any issue discovered that should have been reported is a Personal Conduct (lying) issue in addition to the original issue.

The adjudicators/judges look at the process that you could have reported the issue when you filled out your SCA then you had a second chance during the Subject interview.

More of a yes, was arrested for a misdemeanor when I was 16 (some 20+ years ago - didn’t disclose because wasn’t required to). And did I EVER use illegal drugs or misuse prescription drugs but It’s been well over 15 years. Just didn’t know if this kind of conversation would come up. There wouldn’t be any dishonesty just wondering if I should be prepared to talk about it.

The arrest will probably come up during the law checks. This is not normally an honesty question unless you hit one of the ever questions. When brought up, discuss the issue to include your drug history and move on. If asked (and the investigator is supposed to ask) why it was not listed, you should state because it was more than 7 years ago.

There are “have you ever” questions on the SF 86. The Investigator will only ask you questions in relation to the SF 86. If a question says “in the last 7 years have you” the investigator cannot change that to “have you ever”.

Adjudicative guidelines allow us to ask ever questions even to questions with timeframes.

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