investigator discovers something outside scope

you fill out the forms with 100% honesty with everything is literally no. However the investigator discovers things that are outside the scope (over 10 years ago and things that are not asked on the forms) of the sf86, can that be used against you in the adjudication process?

Out of scope is out of scope . . . That’s why they have “ever” questions. For things that they don’t want to ever be out of scope.

Again, it depends. If the things out of scope are lifestyle or behavioral things that continue to the present, yes. If they are just old issues that time has mitigated - normally no.

You are only responsible for reporting information using the listed guidelines. Some times things pop up - but we would interview you if they were areas of adjudication concerns (normally)

Did you have a previous investigation where the issue was in scope and you didn’t disclose it? In that instance, it becomes an issue for this investigation even though it is out of scope.

If they continue to the present, aren’t they in scope?

yep. but often Subjects only count the initial incident or time they were “caught”, For instance, you will have to discuss your alcohol use during every investigation interview after you have a DUI or MIP or alcohol related incident/arrest/discipline action/counseling.

You will only have to discuss your history/use to your last interview - but it gets reported every time.