Mistakes outside scope of sf86

I submitted my sf86 and all questions are literally no, i was honest about everything.

However I decided to be more than honest and listed mistakes I made (no record of it) at the end of the sf86, drug use from over 20 years ago and other mistakes (no record of it).

  1. Will I have to list these mistakes everytime I fill out sf86 even for different agencies?

  2. Can this prevent me from getting an interim clearance?

  3. Will they consider the mistakes or ignore them since it is outside the scope of the sf86?

I would never advise going back 20 years…but if your lifestyle since shows you no longer act like that you should be okay. Few things cannot be overcome by time. Next SF86 only speak to what is in the scope of 10 years or of course a have you ever question.

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Only report the required time frames in the future SCA submissions.