Lied on Navy SF86 but told truth on CBP SF86 about drug use

Quick question for you guys. So I joined the Navy in 2010, at the time my recruiter said to put that I had no previous drug use. Since I had no history or charges related to use. I am set to get out of the Navy soon and applied for a CBPO position and filled it out the SF86 honestly saying I have used drugs but greater than 7 years ago ( before I joined the Navy). My question is can this be used against me for fradulent enlistment?

It’s not likely to be used to charge you with fraudulent enlistment but I would expect it to come up in your investigation. The drug use can be mitigated by “youthful experimentation” and the amount of time that has passed. The failure to report on your previous SF86 will be an issue but can be mitigated by the advice given by your recruiter. It’s a pretty common problem from what I have seen and heard.

Let this be a lesson about who you take advice from . . .

The sf86 asks only in the past 7 years, why did you list beyond 7 years?

I agree with JD0045. Why did you even list it? You only had to go back 7 years.

Drug use is an “ever” question.

If this was a re-investigation for the Navy then yeah the Navy JAG could nail you for fraudulent enlistment. I saw about 5 good troops loose their careers over this very thing. For what your doing now, you will be flagged and you’ll have to explain it all to your Investigator and possibly have a few Sources interviewed to see if they disclose anything about drug use. It’ll then be up to an Adjudicator to determine your honesty since you lied on a previous certified investigation.

As a Federal Background Investigator, I can assure that the mere use of drugs is NOT an ever question. ONLY if charged with or use while holding a clearance. Otherwise you would only answer yes if usage was in the past 7 years. If you doubt me, please read the SF-86 questions very carefully under the drug section.


It can also be agency dependent though. LE will more often ask you to ignore the instructions and put in their own timeframes.