SF86: Where Have You Lived

Who should I list as a reference for an AirBnB apartment at which I stayed for 2 weeks in between permanent residences?

It is my understanding that I do in fact need to list this Airbnb under Section 11 - Where You Have Lived because, although I lived there for under 90 days, I did not have another permanent residence at this time.

During the two weeks, I did not meet any neighbors or have any visitors. I was completing an internship and it is unlikely that any co-workers would be able to verify the Airbnb location, although they may recall that I was staying at an Airbnb. I never met the Airbnb host in person and only communicated with them through the Airbnb messaging app (I received the apartment key through a locked box). If needed, I would be able to provide an investigator with the Airbnb record of the stay and record of my messages with the host. Thank you.

Possibly list someone who knew you rented that apartment. I had to list a friend who knew of my overseas apartment, even though he never physically saw the place.

Also, your FSO would be the best person to clarify this.

It is pointless to list a residence of two weeks. It will do nothing but make your SF-86 look like a jumbled mess.


You don’t have to list that.


Thank you for your reply.

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Thank you for your reply. However, it’s my understanding that my residence during the previous 10 years must be accounted for without breaks. Leaving out this residence would create a 2 week break. Am I misunderstanding the SF 86 instructions?

You are misunderstanding the instructions. The two week temporary BnB is not reportable.


There is a reason the SF-86 only asks for Month/Year to Month/Year and not exact dates.

Thank you for the clarification. Not including temporary Airbnb stays would create a situation in which my listed residences are in a different city/state than my listed employment for a summer internship. Is that a problem or just something that I would have the opportunity to explain during an interview? Thank you.

In that case, list the residences to keep consistency.

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If you were on a two-week vacay in a hotel you would not report! So don’t.

Thank you for your reply. I did not have another permanent residence at the time I was staying there though.

yes - they would be listed as landowner in the relationship section.

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Makes sense, thank you for your reply!

I put in to renew my SCI then took 136 days of PDMRA and terminal leave. I spent it traveling the country. I stayed with friends, relatives, in hotels, and even airports. When I was done I had my interview and was asked where I had been living since I filled out the paperwork overseas. I had a chronological list of where I stayed every single day of those 136 days. A few of those days I was even in Canada. He basically said I had just done his job for him. Overkill? Maybe. But if a gap is questioned and you don’t know the answer, beware. Had a co-worker who left a month out in her paperwork and said she spent it living with her boyfriend. She neglected to say her boyfriend lived in Saudi Arabia. No chicken dinner for her.