SF-86 question about Age

On SF-86 it says to not list a bunch of things for When you were under 18 years Old unless it’s a 2 year minimum. So im 20 soon 21, Does that mean i should not list where i lived and went to school before i was 18?
Don’t wanna make a Huge mistake.

I was in a similar position a couple months ago (I’m 25, had to list back to 18). From my experience with the BI, I would list all addresses (including dorms if you’re in college) back to the age of 18. I would also list high school information, even if you were 18 at the time of graduation. If you’re prospective employer tells you any different (like to omit some of this information, I would still leave it in). My BI nailed me on this because I listened to the employer.

Full Context from OPM’s SF86 May 2017 Guide:
5.4.4 Section 11 – Where You Have Lived
List places you have lived beginning with your present residence and working backward 10 years. There can be no date gaps. Do not list residences before your 18th birthday unless to provide a minimum of 2 years residence history.

I think you just need to provide your residences at the time you are 18th, unless you change your address right before your 18th birthday. Use Month/Year for cut-off 2-year minimum mark. i.e. If you are going to submit the SF86 on 02/28/2018, you would need to provide residence information on and after 02/28/2016.

This is all good advice.

The easiest way to list the three 18 year/2 year rule based sections (Residence, Education, Employment) is to use the dates you started the activity when you were 18 (or 2 years back if you are 20 or younger).

For example: born 1/1/1999. Submitting the form 2/1/2018,

Residence in 2/16 was parents’ home, moved there in 6/12. Lived there until 6/17. List the residence as 6/12 to 6/17. You exceed the two years but it explains your residence.

Same thing for school and employments. Try to list the activity at the cutoff date, then list the start date.

Quick disclaimer. A common myth is that all the questions on the security questionnaire only go back to your 18th birthday or two years. This is false. The “18 year old” rule only applies to residence, education attended (must list all degrees and diplomas though), and employment.

Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory would have to list the degrees and diploma, and the schools location, earned even as a child…


But . . . wait . . . Sheldon IS a fictional character? Isn’t he?

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I think you are on this form more than I am!

He’s a double fictional character now. I guess he’d have to list both shows.

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