SF-85 List Every Residence? AirBnb? Forget address?


I know SF-85 is not a security clearance and I don’t have any other place to insert this question but here.

SF-86 specifically asks users to not list residences under 90 days. That isn’t the case for SF-85.

Would I have to list every residence even for one day e.g. sleep over, one night hotel stay?

I was a part of a group tour in CONUS for vacation. We stayed each night at a different hotel. List them? List that vacation week and list hotel addresses in comments? Or create a new entry for each stay?

How about Airbnb? List host as person who knew me?

I forgot address of a hostel stay. Looked up street on Google Maps. 25 residences each side of street, don’t recall which one? No one to verify I lived there.

Any help would be appreciated. I literally have no one to turn to except discussion board here. FSO doesn’t answer phone calls. Local police haven’t been much help.

List your residences. You are describing vacations.


If I list residences, not hotel stays, wouldn’t there be discrepancies? I wasn’t actually living at home when I was on vacation.

My passports were used and customs had arrival and departure dates on them. Wouldn’t the BI able to find that out? Then they’ll know I wasn’t living at my primary residence.

Some of my vacations OCONUS were 2 to 3 weeks, if I don’t list them wouldn’t there be gaps in the timeline?

Again, you seem to be very confused re: the difference between a permanent residence and a vacation.

One investigator I was scheduled to talk to wanted every place I’d slept in the last 3 years, including vacations and trips to my parents for holidays etc.

I did not meet with them as the only location I could find (that wasnt my home) was outside thier area, so it had to be shifted, but it did seem odd.

The one I did meet with did not need any of that.

That’s odd. As a BI, the only required residences are if you were there at least 3 months.

The requirement is for all residence locations 90 days or more (this includes the military) and any permanent residence (regardless of time). Rule of thumb- if you were able to receive mail at that location (basic training for instance) you should list the residence.

You do not list your short vacations, unless 90 days is a short vacation. If you are living in a hotel/motel - even if you can get mail there - you don’t need to list that address unless you lived there for 90 or more days.