e-Quip Residence information

Sir or Madam, I’m an ARMY reservist with a Secret clearance and in the process of getting a TS/SCI for a job as an ARMY civilian. During 2013 to 2014 I had to travel for a military school but every time that I travel I stayed in Georgia less than 75 days and this was not my permanent or mailing address. During the interview with my investigator the school came up and I was asked why I didn’t listed the address while I was in school. The Instructions for my e-Quip Completing Your Investigation Application in e-QIP from the PSIP Center of Excellence [usarmy.apg.inscom.mbx.psip-center-of-excellence@mail.mil] specifies in page 11 "You are not required to list temporary locations of less than 90 days that did not serve as your permanent or mailing address” Are the e-Quip instructions wrong. Also in the process of the Interview investigation the investigator called a couple of times but then didn’t showed up at all or showed up hours later.She is reporting that I omitted information.

Actually you are not required to list temporary locations less than 90 days. If you have an issue with the investigator you can contact OPM using the general number at OPM’s Federal Investigative Service site.

Mr. Hakamma, Thanks for the info. I been thinking about complaining because she seems to know less than I do in regard to her job. But I’m afraid this will slow things down even more. Thank You for your help.

You aren’t required to list residences under 90 days. That being said, OPM will definitely send back a case if the education or employment was in a geographic location different than the residence with no explanation. So the investigator did need to find out where you stayed during your training, even though officially the form doesn’t require the information. Any time there’s a geographic discrepancy between any of your activities, the information needs to be clarified.

Regarding the investigators unprofessionalism, that is a separate issue altogether. I’m sorry that happened to you.

Sir, Thanks I just saw your answer today I been really busy lately. Thanks for taking time to answer my question.