Eqip Residency Error

Hey everyone,was just hoping to get some advice on a particular subject. So on my EQIP form under residences,I only put my parents residence which has been my permanent mailing address my entire life. After completing the EQIP and submitting it,I realized that I had forgotten to include the two apartments I rented during college. My question is should I contact my case manager or wait until my initial interview with my Invesitgator to clarify this oversight. Also will this negatively affect my chances of passing my BI? I have already compiled the necessary information pertaining to addresses,landlords,etc of both apartments just to be prepared. Any advice is appreciated! Thank you.

People make mistakes all of the time. Write up the information that you should have included and provide it to your investigator if you meet with one.

No, this will not affect your chance of getting a clearance.

If you can talk with the FSO do so. Otherwise give to the investigator. Ours are quite specific about being correct on residences.

Amber . . . What is the FSO going to do? I’ve been told by several of them over the years that there is nothing they can do with additional information.

My client is slightly different, and we do not use Equip. You may be absolutely correct there is nothing they can do to adjust the info. We use paper…ancient history I know and scan them to clearance division. We screen them hard but still miss dates on occasion and they seem to get booted back right away and I am tasked with getting with the applicant. So in our case we do a lot more hand holding…under this current contract and company. However, this contract is up for bid and I may very well get a new paymaster in 12 months. A few of those companies do not want me touching the paper. In theory it sounds good. But on a 450 person effort hiring everything from grass cutters to housekeeping…it is a challenge. I predict regardless of company I will remain the “man in the loop,” and belly button to push.