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Anyone know of companies that assist in completing the Eqip? And assists in retaining clearances? I looked up and found one and they look like they make some good $$$. No report writing or interviews just helping applicants with the Eqip. Anyways, any info is appreciated.

I’m sure some people use a service like this and are happy with what they get. But I’ve never known anyone who did, and there should be no reason you can’t fill it out on your own.

The closest is when the armed forces recruiter “helps” fill out the SF-86 and the “SUBJECT” is left with a mess a few years later when they provide the accurate information.


Gracias. I just see the so called “completed” SF’s and they’re all wrong. From Employment dates to residences etc. then TWN comes in with 5 more employers ….it’s Taking 3-4 more weeks to get all the extra work done. Thought it would be something to do to earn $$ and not writing ESI’s and knocking on doors all day. Is there a market there to do that for applicants ? (I do only DHS which requires in person attempts)

I’m sure you could offer form filling services independently and advertise on sites like this but SF86 is not as simple as say, assisting with a resume. You would be taking on some major liability there. Usually, an FSO or an attorney is the one who would help someone with obtaining/retaining a clearance due to all the legal pitfalls.

Understand the concern you’re raising. Been a credentialed IC Investigator since 2008 with several ISP companies. There’s a company I found, non attorney type, who are retired/ former adjudicators and investigators and they’ve been providing this service since 2012, so it’s already lit there. I meet almost daily with Govt contract companies and their HR’s, who make an attempt to assist each applicant and although they help a little, the SF’s I see, and I do about 50 cases per month, are terribly inaccurate. The HR tells them not to list employers less than 90 days, which may be correct under the SF directions, however, when TWN is run and 5 employers pop up in different states etc, now there’s a month long process to run down the records, supervisors and coworkers not even mentioning an EFI for “ineligible for rehire”. I get those daily. And I see the process taking 3-4 more weeks just for that one issue. I’m thinking if someone with our experience and knowledge of all those hidden requirements not listed on the SF, as another example have the applicants run their own credit report, have them contact each former employer and obtain the record dates from them, instead of the applicant guessing, these background times could be drastically reduced if we front load the SF with all those details. Just thinking out loud and wondering what y’all think?

That is what personnel security officials at the requesting agency are supposed to be for. However, they definitely drop the ball all the time. Also, not sure who said SQ instructions say not to list employment less than 90 days because they definitely don’t say that.


Right? Also, the SF is a generic form for all positions in all agencies. Ex: DHS has a series of questions (MSQ’s) that are not on the SF. Also, We almost always need a coworker and the SF does not have a space for that, only a sup. The Personnel Security are Govt employees. They do the minimum work and they don’t even know the correct scoping requirements. This company I found even preps the applicants for the ESI. Seems there’s a market either directly with applicants and/or contract companies to sit down with the applicants and submit a near perfect SF and reduce time frames maybe by as much as 30-60 days? I’m sure we all get employment record requests 15-30 days after the ESI due to TWN indicating developed employment etc. That could all be eliminated up front saving time and money. Is there a market for this? I don’t know.

In the SF85P Section 11 Instructions does state: do not list temporary locations of less than 90 days…… That’s always an issue and have no idea why that instruction is there.

That’s the residential section, not the employment section.

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Just because TWN or any other employer shows up with or without an employment record does not necessarily mean the Subject ever worked there. I have lots of cases that go both ways. Employers aren’t always the best at keeping records and investigators can be overzealous and micro report things that really don’t need to be reported. I agree that an impartial reviewing of an individuals SF-86 or 85 submission can definitely help the accuracy and speed of the investigation. It’s probably a great business idea. But ridiculous glitches are always going to pop up and slow things down and there is often no way to predict who, what, or when these glitches pop.

Sounds good. Thanks all.

Not seeing how they help. Unless you cant type. Nobody knows your background better than you.

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But sometimes an individual’s reading comprehension can limit their ability to type their background into a standardized format.

Well. I would say 100% of the SF’s I see have mistakes, incorrect dates , incorrect addresses, incorrect names, phones numbers, forgotten employers, forgotten addresses, wrong education dates, etc.

Just One of those causes 2-3 week delay.

Also, a ton of SF’s I have here on the U.S./Mexico border, their references speak only Spanish. If that was noted on the SF, that would save 2 weeks finding a Spanish speaking Inv.

Turning in a 100% accurate SF would save time.

That’s where an assistant who knows the federal adjudication process would help.


Ahhh Im tracking. Absolutely concur on mistake rate. At times we cycled them 3 and 4 times to get as right as we could. I could see a large company hiring an “off site” company to screen, get them to 99% accurate. I have heard of a few consultants in Williamsburg Va doing that

I found a small 2 man operation in Vegas one is a former adjudicator and they do this plus represent if clearance declined.

I’m looking at starting a business such as this.

Imagine helping the applicants getting their SF’s 99% accurate——- companies get boots on the ground faster, saving time and money. And you’re doing it all with no ACD pressure from comfort of your home via VTC … hm?

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Sounds fun. When can I apply?

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If I can get it going I’ll be posting on here looking for y’all.

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You know once you get the heal beat down, know the top 20 errors getting them booted back…make that your final QC, much higher chance of getting through. Sadly I supported a company believing it better to submit hundreds for clearance, quantity vs quality. Had to fight HR to gain control of that. It was a slog getting that control. Had to use government Security COTR/COR to write up company until it was turned over to me. I increased clearance rates from roughly 20% to 99%, we brought in a much higher quality of workers, disciplinary issues dropped off…it was great.

That’s awesome. Were you HR for a contract company?….or maybe private message me. Not sure how to do that here?