SF85 , e-quip , processing time

just wondering what other people experiences have been. I was contacted by the FAA investigator a couple weeks ago. i filled out the SF85. went through the credit checks and all paperwork by the investigator. Then i was given access to the e-quip. i filled that all out Tuesday so 5 days ago (thanksgiving week tho so i’m sure not a whole lot of work going on) they said i was being “fast tracked” but i’m sure they say that a lot. anyone have a estimate on a time line

Wait… you filled out an SF-85, they did some stuff, and THEN you were given access to eQip?

Yea I guess it was a prescreening .

I submitted everything through the FAA , the job is contracting. If that helps any

A lot of contractors do pre-screening to reduce their risk. But you can’t really rely 100% on their screening since their goal is to minimize risk to the company, not to the applicant. But it sounds like you got past that stage OK.

The screening was done by the FAA , I also did one for the company. Will that help the e-quip go any faster?

I did something similar with Leidos, but I think the “pre-screening” is just that. It’s a way for the company to “preview” your background to ensure that it’s worth their time and effort to have you fill out an SF-85/SF-86 and be given access to the eQip. As far as speeding the process up, I doubt it does much for that as it is out of their hands once the eQip has been submitted. I am currently on a little over four months for a Secret clearance and just had my subject interview about 2 weeks ago. Supposedly that was the last step and now it’s headed for adjudication (which who knows how long it will hang in there).

So essentially all you can do is hang in there and wait it out.

I actually just got the email that everything was processed and ill be starting this week