SF86/E-Quip Process Questions and Queries

Hello All,
A total newbie here to this community, spent the past 2 days parsing through all the vast info threads , situations and solutions. I am seeking help and advice on an upcoming Clearance process, here are the details and situation, what I am trying to seek here is the right advice so I can go ahead with the process knowing all the associated risks .
Situation -

  1. I have been offered a position with a DOD contractor which entails a Secret Clearance. My 3rd party background check has been completed as of 16th June 2019. So waiting to hear from HR , while completing the E-Quip application.
    Concerns -
    A) Employment History - I only put the position related employment history of past 7 years as requested in the company job application , but plan to list every employment I have had for the past 10 years. The question is will the FSO flag this discepency. Also to add, my latest employment ( which is what i listed on the company application after getting the offer) I have been providing pro-bono based work ,since January 2017. My income is supplemented through financial support from my family since January 2017 and my side gig driving for Lyft only since July 2018.
    Employer references - All my current and past employers have indicated they will leave me a good review upon contacted.
    B) Criminal background - No arrests , no warrants ever, totally clean criminal - free background. Had one non-moving violation for an expired tag 4 years ago, renewed tag and moved on, no charges or no tickets.
    C) Never did any drug abuse.
    D) Credit Score - Between 650 - 680 as seen on transunion and equifax .
    I only have 3 accounts in collection ,
  2. 2 medical bills totalling of $1200 - I started making payments on it , $50 bucks on each account per month . Only made 2 payments so far since i started paying 2 months ago.
  3. 1 delinquent account of $500 - I plan to start paying $50 on this one too.
    E) Spouse concerns - Spouse has a bad drug addiction , and has done a few stints in local county jail since 2013 and one prison sentence of 1 year starting last year all on charges related to drug use. However, I would like to mention, I have tried on several occasions to get the right help but so far have had limited success. In short, we are estranged, I love my spouse and strive everyday to see how I can help my spouse to overcome their addiction.

My queries are as follows

  1. Will the FSO flag my discrepency in the employment record
  2. Will I be able to get an Interrim clearance , because that’s all I need for starting work as to my current understanding.
  3. Finally, will I be able to get the DOD secret clearance
    I have laid it out all here, members please weigh in with your helpful commentary.
    looking to hear especially from Amberbunny. Thank you in advance.

Read the instructions when filling out your case papers and list as required. List without gaps, except as required. Be truthful. If you aren’t right for a position, it probably isn’t right for you either. Best of luck!

@Caseanalyst - Could you please expand on your response. I am looking for some good detailed answers here . As outlined I am fairly new here, and would like specific commentary on the situation laid out above, not seeking solutions but a detailed insight/s will throw much needed light as to my approach to finish the SF86 and submit it.

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1.) Are you saying that your resume and eQIP have different lengths of employment history? If that is what you mean, that is not a discrepancy. Its typical. Fill the eQIP out with the requested information, that is what they care about. If you mean something else, I’m not sure.
2.) This is a case by case situation, not a one size fits all answerable question. No one on this board will be able to guarantee whether you are offered one or not. It depends on the company, their requirements and preferences, along with your eQIP submission.
3.) Please see #2.

There is a lot of grey area in working towards a clearance, and these are answers we ALL want to know, but rarely don’t get insight to. Even if you were to send someone here your exact eQIP, they still could not guarantee how your processing will go, at what speed, or when.

Welcome to the rat race! Hope it goes well for you. The seasoned aren’t kidding when they say do whats needed, then forget it. If you don’t, it will drive you crazy! Just do what is asked to the best of your ability, be open and honest, and patient.

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If you are looking for detailed insights, I would suggest you to do a search on this forum. Some of your questions can be answered as those topics were discussed “ad nauseam” here, especially on the subject of interim and debts.

Now, regarding to your spouse… SF-86 does mention spouse. The activity of your spouse does have an effect on applicant/holder.

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I don’t know how your case would be adjucated with your circumstances, but besides @amberbunny I would see what @Marko would have to say as well since he is the forum moderator, he helped give me a good idea as far as process and details go for my case. I hope your spouse can get over their addiction and move on with their life soon.

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All I attest to, is the fact that i have done everything in my will power to get my spouse to turnaround and I have material proof of my actions , if this comes up in a subject interview face to face , I will lay it open to the BI. There is nothing to hide here. It is what it is and I am trying my best. Thank you for your insight and taking the time to weigh in.

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@Patience see:
I had a misdemeanor that was dismissed will that come up on my fiancé top secret clearance . There was a discussion on how spouse’s activities may impact applicant/holder.

There was also a blog that Marko posted some time ago, in which a clearance holder lost her clearance due to her association (plus among other things). There are other instances.

Bear in mind, that you, as an applicant, bear the burden of showing US Government that the Government can entrust you with national security, which is why SF-86 states that your spouse/cohabitants/etc may be scoped. The issue here, in my opinion, looks like you may be vulnerable to blackmail via your spouse. That is simply my opinion.

HR job history vice Equip: I don’t see a disconnect between the HR side, job specific info provided and complete job history for Equip. Normal, and the older we get the longer our “professional life” resume can be. Most places want only a targeted resume and history to show relevant experience and bullets speaking to competence. Equip wants to know the entire 10 years history without gaps. Periods of unemployment should be annotated.

A 650 to 680 credit score: that is fair to good, no worries there as 97% of people with no other issues will clear at a 650 score. That said, get the other debt in a repayment plan, be honest about these debts, and expect they will scope them. You may sign a conduct letter in regard to this. No worries, as you still clear.

Spouse drug addiction: can go either way. You associate with them. If they get a felony, you are associating with a felon (painful as it is loving one through addiction). When their addiction impacts your life, ability to earn a living, your sanity…keep loving them, but distance yourself. If they are with you and get busted for possession, you need explain yourself. If they leave something in your car and get caught…you need defend yourself. Might be time to use tough love and tell them to get clean or don’t come around anymore (easy to say, hard to do).

I would fully disclose the addicted spouse to the BI person. Be careful when it comes to enabling. Do not tolerate drug possession or use in your property or presence. If you go on record to bring this up I do not see a blackmail issue.

Interim: If you are in a repayment plan on all debts, and are at 680…you may very well get an interim with no other issues. I submit folks with confidence at 650. Sub 600 where approvals are less than 33%…I don’t take the chance.

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Thank you AW, this insight really helps. I will to the best of my ability explain to the BI in the interview when it comes up and if it comes up.

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Thank you Bat, I really appreciate your candor and insight on my query, definitely helps to calibrate myself when my query gets weighed in from all of you experienced posters. I will wait to hear from @Marko as the day passes. I am glad I approached this forum. When time comes for me to contribute and advice someone else here , i shall return the favor.

@amberbunny - Thank you for weighing in depth on my query. Here is my opinion in regards to your response.

  1. I am now thinking , that may be i should borrow the amount from a relative or friend and just pay off the whole thing, so that by the time my E-Quip shows up to OPM , they will see the record reflects that i have paid off all debts. Your thoughts here would be appreciated.
  2. Spouse situation - I can attest with high confidence that the spouse was never busted when they were around me. i always used to find out through their family side. Also we are estranged physically and not just regards to this job but even before this I had made it clear that either they turn their way around or they are on their own. Yes, it is a sad situation on my marital life but I have learned to toughen myself mentally and like stated before only provide the help that will actually help them such as rehab stints and AL-ANON counseling sessions. Other than that i do not encourage nor have allowed any type of drug activity around me.

Again thank you for taking the time to give me a detailed response. I will keep members here posted as the process moves forward on my E-Quip .

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Thank you Farms, each perspective helps me in this process, i will keep all documents ready when the time comes for a BI interview, and if they bring up the spouse situation, I will have all the facts laid out .

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If you are attending AL ANON or other counseling, read the instructions closely when filling out the form. People list things they don’t have to all the time. In regards to your spouse, you cannot control others, you control yourself. For the clearances, it’s how you deal with what you are handed. Be truthful, it is not good when you don’t hand the info to the investigation and it’s handed to you instead. Don’t over think it. It’s not a typical interview where you want to show your best, you show your most. You sound like you will be fine.

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Excellent mitigation steps! We all can fall into a hole now and again. I sure did when divorce surprised me, along with a 35% pay cut on a new contract. You do what you have to do. Wiping out the debt is huge. Showing the BI person all is paid off, and maybe even showing a fresh credit pull of your own to show that you are seeing nothing left (be advised the government check goes deeper and sees things the top three credit bureau miss). Removing the ex from your physical life is another solid mitigation. I commend anyone attending AL ANon to learn how to best deal with tough emotional situations such as this. Case Analyst is correct, if you address stuff upfront it looks much better than sitting and waiting to see if they bring it up. Full disclosure counts.

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