Only have 5 business days to finish my security clearance application???

So I just got an email shortly after accepting my offer. To my surprise, it’s my e-QIP invite for my Secret clearance. I figured they would wait until my background check came back and all that first. But what has me in a panic is at the top it says I only have 5 business days to complete the security clearance application. I’m in the middle of midterms and honestly the idea of filling out a 136-page form, collecting references, getting fingerprinted, going to a notary to do citizenship application. This is all on top of work and school.

Is this normal? I honestly wasn’t expecting to get my e-QIP so soon and with such a short deadline.

Never heard of a timeframe. I would contact your FSO and see if you can put off doing your SF86. Your background check does not happen until you submit your e-QIP.

I think that the background check you are talking about is a simple criminal check done as a pre-screen. There are reasons that that OPM wants the SF-86 done within a few days.

Yes, it’s completely normal. I don’t think that your FSO can give you an extension to fill this one out but they CAN offer to allow this one to expire and send you another when you are ready. Of course, they may just move on to the next candidate. No way of knowing.

My current client does not accept E-quip, we use hard copy SF-86. Blessedly I use the Jul 1986 17 page version. I am somewhat familiar with E-quip as I was one of the first accounts transitioned to the test use of it way back in the dark ages. Early 90’s if memory serves correct. I’m assuming based on Ed’s input the system itself generates the timed access to the program, if you exceed the time limit you are locked out. I do know Lockheed Martin gives a tight deadline for re-investigation accomplishment. If an employee doesn’t take it seriously, the can lose access fast. So a lot of companies use a carrot and stick approach to get it completed. They realize there are situations where 5 days is not realistic. I cannot imagine the 136 page version. As I am fill 390 support positions, from grass cutters to housekeeping, escorts, monitors and the like it is brain numbing at times trying to get 17 pages filled out remotely accurately.

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Escorts? How do I get a job at your facility Amber!

There is a time limit before the eQIP ‘invite’ expires but I didn’t think it was that fast.

Are you sure that isn’t the time limit for you to log on the first time and create a password and stuff?

Once someone at a company or agency initiates an e-QIP the clock starts ticking, they set their own timelines as to when they want you to get it done. 5 days is on the short end, normally it is 10 or 14 days. This is because they want to get the process going instead of waiting around to see if you have some disqualifying information in there and then end up having to withdraw their job offer. OPM standards say if you don’t log in to the system within 30 days and start the application process within 30 days it auto terminates. If you want a job that requires a clearance you will meet the sponsoring company/agency timeline. If you don’t there are plenty of other candidates,

Yeah, it says “You have five business days to complete your security clearance application”. So at least I have a few extra days over the weekend at least.


Thanks, I guess I’ll just have to be really on the ball then. Been working on it since posting this topic.