Interim granted, just noticed address issue


I just received interim adjudication for high risk public trust. I have an in person interview scheduled with my investigator tomorrow. I was reviewing my eQIP form this evening and noticed that one of my addresses is not correct. I accidentally listed the person’s address who can confirm where I lived for one of my previous addresses two times. So as it stands, it appears like he was my roommate. I have known him for over 20 years and we speak weekly, but we have never been roommates.

The address I actually lived at is still listed on my eQIP in another spot (it is my mother’s address, so it is listed as her address). My eyes must’ve been playing tricks on me after starring at the form for such a long time. That is my only explanation for the oversight.

How should I approach this with the investigator? Will it cause any issues given the fact that the Interim status was just granted?


Correct the mistake and move along. Not a big deal.


No worries. I crunched an SF86 yesterday for the fourth time and our employee listed relatives everywhere, repeated names…even with multiple reviews we miss stuff as well. Bring it to the eyes of the interview person and you will be fine.

When asked if there are any changes, tell the investigator about the correct address.

Thanks. The interview went smoothly. When I mentioned that the interim status had been granted, the investigator did not seem to be aware. She said that was good to her, but not much else. I am cleared and have a start date within the next month.

I am just curious how interim adjudication is granted if the background investigator is not a part of that process? How is a decision made and who is a part of that decision?

Is interim status a strong indicator that full status will be granted? If full status is not granted after I’ve received interim, does an appeals process exist for me?

This is my first time going through this process, so I appreciate your insight.


Investigators have nothing to do with adjudication.

Interim doesn’t ensure full clearance (if it did, they would be the same thing) but it is a positive indicator. You have appeal rights on your final decision in any case. Your interim has no effect there.

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NBIB investigators are not involved with the interim process - that is up to the Agency where you are working.