Contacting no investigator

I am having a back ground investigation done on me through nbib, for a back ground investigator job. My question is would it look bad to contact the investigator who is doing my back ground investigation, to see where they are at on it? I.E. the status.

Your ESI investigator would only know their portion of your case. They would not legitimately be able to tell you where your case is in the overall process.

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My BI told me that I was not allowed to contact him until final determination.

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You shouldn’t call them actually because it implies you are trying to control the case.

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Thanks for the info. The investigation started in the middle of July, so it’s been a little over a month. Just anxiously waiting.

Patience is a virtue; especially when it comes to waiting for a clearance outcome. Remember, the investigator’s role is to go over your case papers, update or change discrepancies, and listen to your side of the story about any issue large and small (e.g., why arrested, filed for bankruptcy). Then your updated version of eqip goes before the judge, the adjudicator. We are told nothing about resolution of any cases; and that’s a good thing. Out of our scope of responsibility.

Believe me, we have enough on our plates just fixing dozens and dozens of omissions and mistakes. Not to say we don’t care you as a person or about adjudicator’s decision; just that it’s really officially none of our business on many levels.

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Yup. I specifically tell people not to call me to ask for updates because I quite frankly won’t have any… doesn’t stop me from getting calls months down the road asking for updates :roll_eyes:


I specifically tell my subjects what the process is and that the case goes to review next and then adjudication and that I will never be advised about whether they are cleared or not so calling will tell them nothing. I always let them know that their security department is the best contact for updates and they are the ones told the final decision.


I do the same thing. It’s impossible to tell or even try to estimate.

I interviewed someone in early August, and aside from having a few Canadian relatives, it was an otherwise quick and easy investigation. I submitted my ROI that day and interviewed his work sources the next day. Submitted my whole part within 48 hours.

I just got re-opened LAST WEEK because I forgot to clarify in my ROI which family and friends he was visiting in Europe when he only listed Canadian contacts. Another easy explanation - he traveled with his US based family and friends to attend a destination wedding, I just forgot to disclaim that he did not have any unlisted/additional foreign contacts…. BUT, that timeline was wild to me. It took almost 8 months for the other FI’s to complete their parts and for it to go to Review - as of last week, it had not been sent for adjudication yet, and who knows what the adjudication timeline is currently.

I never would have dreamed that particular issue-free case would be stuck in such an investigation purgatory, but here we are. Good thing I didn’t try to guess how long he would be waiting.

I just got assigned some items on a case where the ESI investigator sent a VERY detailed post-ESI case message saying “Source Smith agreed to be interviewed and is available Wednesday and Friday afternoon the next two weeks.” Only problem is they sent the message in July and I am receiving it in March.