Heard this about my interim

After I had my eqip submitted 2.5 weeks ago, my OPM just told me this:

“Your case is waiting to be opened by an investigator. Your current eligibility reads as “N/A”. Once an investigator opens your case, they will determine whether you are eligible for an interim secret or if your case requires more investigation before making a determination on your clearance”.

She goes on to say that she is seeing activity on a few cases that were submitted around the same time as mine was.
What does this all mean? Is this bad news for getting an interim or is this just normal? Thanks in advance.

Never heard that an investigator had anything to do with granting an interim clearance… this sounds questionable at best.

The investigator has nothing to do with interim determination. It may be that they do a quick inquiry at the start when an interim is requested but the decision lies elsewhere.

No news is good news . . . not hearing anything means that a decision hasn’t been made.

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Concur with Ed because once a decision is made you get told fast.

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