Advanced EOD Delayed

Hello, I am undergoing security clearance for USCIS Asylum Officer position. Today I received a message that an advanced entrance on duty is not approved until my background investigation is adjudicated. Needless to say - I am deeply saddened by this news. I am also unsure what this could ultimately mean. Can anyone offer some words of wisdom on this process? Is this common? What’s my recourse? What is likely to happen? Could the tentative offer be rescinded? What causes this denial? How long can I expect to process of adjudication to last? I do have some foreign contacts but nothing questionable or recent. I also have some credit collections I’m paying off… very small… I’m not sure what to think so I’d appreciate any input…

Thank you kindly!

I wonder if this is something like not being granted an interim clearance.

Thanks for responding. I believe it could be. I completed SF86 and met with an investigator contracted by USCIS. What happens when interim clearance is denied? What could be cause for such denial?

I think the agency does an initial review of the SF-86 looking for certain areas of possible concern… and two such areas are finances and foreign contacts.

Technically they don’t deny an interim, they just don’t grant one. This is an important distinction because it means you can honesty you have not been denied a clearance.

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I just don’t know what that actually means in terms of my position. It appears that USCIS routinely grants Advanced Entry on Duty, so I don’t know what happens when one isn’t granted.

From my previous Recruiting job with Boeing, I’m told that Secret security clearances take between 116 to 121 business days which is roughly 6 months - in your experience, is this true?

Contact the hiring manager and ask or try to reach out to someone in Security (PERSEC maybe) for a more detailed answer. Good luck!! You;ll be busy in asylum!

Thank you Tundra! I’m looking forward to it!!

I am currently in the same situation with USCIS for an Asylum Officer position. After completing the investigation in March 2023, I was informed that they would not approve an entry on duty in advance of the closed investigation, based solely on a favorable preliminary screening. Significant concerns were identified therein. Since July 2023, OSI PSD has been coordinating with the OPM to make a suitability determination for employment. When asked for an update earlier this month, OSI refused to give a timeline, assuring me, however, that in the event of an unfavorable suitability determination, I would be given appeal rights. I have no other option but to wait for their decision. “I hope this helps to alleviate some of your anxiety!”