Advanced Entry on Duty Delay - USCIS Position

I submitted my resume to a position and did not realize that it was the older version that did not include my current job. I’m currently am going through an SF86 and realized that I had made this error, they are asking me to clarify dates on 3 of my past positions. Is it best to notify the investigator and include an updated copy of my resume?

Security processing doesn’t care about resumes, people omit jobs all the time. If you lied about a job on the resume, that’s an issue with employer not security.

Be 100% truthful on sf86, it’s usually (legally?) Not shared with direct managers, and only with those directly in the need to know about it.

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Answer their questions, provide the dates. Who is asking? An investigator or your employer? Many employers review the SF86 before releasing it for the investigation. They may have noticed the discrepancy.

The investigatori.
He said that my case was under review.
When the case is under review, does it mean that the investigation is about to begin?

Did you already have your interview? Review usually happens near the end, before final adjudication.

Received this this week…

This correspondence is in regards to your tentative selection for the USCIS position of Immigration Services Officer. This is to notify you that we are not able to approve your entry on duty in advance of an adjudicated background investigation. Any information previously supplied, along with the information developed by the background investigation, will be used to adjudicate your case. If your case is favorably adjudicated, an entry on duty date will be established. We will contact you if further information is needed.

Is this good or bad?

What happens next?

I am grateful for all the help in advance,


It’s better than a denial and not as good as a approval . . .

It simply means that they can’t schedule your start date until your application is adjudicated.

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Means you didnt get an interim from my reading. Doesn’t mean you wont get a final, but you can’t start till you get the final, which can take a year

The sad part is that I keep getting interviews.

Hi, I received the same email today ‘‘Advanced Entry on Duty Delay – USCIS Position’’. How long did it take you to get a eod?

Still going, but I accepted a different job with a different agency where I found it to be faster.

Received the same yesterday. Curious about the outcome of previous posters.