Few Questions For SF-86 Submission

Hey all, just a few questions for clarity:

1). For Section 11 (Where Have You Lived), do I need to list a foreign study abroad that was less than 30 days? I went from my home, to the institute abroad and back to my home, so my thinking is I put no.

2). For Section 12 (Where You Went To School), do I list the aforementioned study abroad certificate here, as I received no college credit? I believe this is for degrees or diplomas only, so I am thinking its a no as well, but obviously the travel will be reported in the appropriate section.

3). For Section 25 (Investigations and Clearance Record), do I put yes to ever being investigated, if an agency started and stopped 2 months after submission, due to not having enough time to process for Summer internship?

Would it be wise to leave additional comments for any of the above, if not required to list?


You need to read the form instructions.

Section 11
“ List the places where you have lived beginning with your present residence and working back 10 years. Residences for the entire period must be accounted for without breaks. Indicate the actual physical location of your residence, not a Post Office box or a permanent residence when you were not physically located there. If you split your time between one or more residences during a time period, you must list all residences. Do not list residence before your 18th birthday unless to provide a minimum of 2 years residence history.

You are not required to list temporary locations of less than 90 days that did not serve as your permanent or mailing address.

For any address in the last 3 years, provide a person who knew you at that address, and who preferably still lives in that area. Do not list people who knew you for residences completely outside this 3-year period, and do not list your spouse, cohabitant or other relatives as the verifier for periods of residence.”

You would report the foreign education period and reason under foreign travel.

If you submitted a SCA you should report the investigation - even it it was discontinued.