Section 12 need help!

Hello Everyone,

  I am wondering, on section 12 of the SF-86 it asks to not list any education prior to my 18th birthday and only include it to meet the two year minimum of educational history. Another question  also asks if I have attended any schools within the last 10 years, if I go back 10 years that makes me 10 years old and puts me at the end of my 5th grade year going into 6th. I'm 20 right now soon to be 21. Should I list only high schools, or any and all schools I have attended prior to high school? The only diploma/degree I have is from high school. 

Thanks much, I appreciate any and all help!

List schools that you have attended since you were 18 . . . I wouldn’t include high school if you graduated at 18.

well if I listed schools I’ve attended then I wouldn’t have anything to put down for section 12 and it states you need a minimum of 2 years of education history proof. I’ve always heard that you just have to put down high school and do not include elementary school and junior high.

I did see on a federal soup question answered almost 9 years ago that mentioned something along the same lines as this question from a well known BI who is on these forums who goes by the name of @backgdinvestigator if he can hop in here and clear some stuff up I’d greatly appreciate it.

It might help if you actually listed the schools that you attended and the dates.

It’s hard to answer in a vacuum . . .

The question actually says, Do not list education before your 18th birthday, unless to provide a minimum of two years education history.

List your high school. You do not need to go back any further than that.

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I attended high school from 2013-2017

Attended community college 2017-2018

I then dropped out due to running an online business and some family stuff going on. I wasnt degree seeking, just taking a few classes.

Since it asks about having to attend school in the last 10 years should I list only too highschool and up or going all the way back to when I was in elementary school hahaha.

Thanks much!

You don’t need to list high school on your SF 86 if you graduated before you were 18.

That is the way I have always understood it to be too. However, there was some apprehension in the original post, it can’t hurt to list it. I did not ask for the birth month because it seemed much easier to list it rather than dwell too long on it.

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So I would list highschool but nothing before high school like junior high or elementary school right?

I was born in 1998 I’m 20 years old, I graduated from highschool in 2017 when I was 18.

Where is the ambiguity here? The question was answered: List your high school and college and move on to the next question. Nobody needs to list their junior high or elementary school UNLESS THEY DIDN’T COMPLTET JUNIOR HIGH BEFORE THEY TURNED EIGHTEEN!

Don’t laugh, when I was in 7th grade, there was a big battle at the school board because the parents of an 8th grader wanted him to be allowed to drive to school. He was 17.

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I instruct applicants to list at a minimum: high school, not prior. If you attended 5 colleges since…list all. Not to unusual for military transiting various states and countries. I make sure they aren’t listing one afternoon sessions or seminars.