Public trust sf85 question

For education do I need to list every hs I was enrolled in or would I just put that I got my ged? I went to 2 different schools didn’t complete any credits at the third one then just got my ged so there’s not enough boxes on the form for all those

If you have a GED, you don’t need to list your high school(s) unless: a) you were over 18 in high school and the education was in the last ten years, b) or you are under twenty and need to list two years for theSF86.

For the GED, list the issuing agency (and address) where the record is held. My state has an office in the State Education Department that administers and tracks GEDs. Don’t list the test site as your education activity. This is a common error on the SF86/85.

Okay and on my resume I failed to update it from last year when I put diploma June 18 when I had expected to graduate but I had got the ged right after the tentativejob offer was accepted, is this a concern it’s the lowest level public trust, this is my first year so this whole process is new to me