Education discrepancy on resume

So I had an expected graduation date and was just applying for fast food jobs a year ago and put I had my diploma August 17-june18 when I was going to finish and I ended up getting a job and worked so much I didn’t finish and I submitted a resume for a basic public trust position I didn’t think I’d get without updating that and didn’t end up finishing with my ged til right after I got the job offer. When I fill out my sf85 will that be a problem if I list everything accurately on the form? I would think they’d just want an explanation and it’d be fine since it’s not any kind of higher education and my forms completely accurate. That’s the only kind of discrepancy that would come up

SF85? That is the lowest risk investigation, as long as your truthful you will be ok.

He wasn’t truthful. That is the problem, but it remains a basic background and statement of trust. I recommend correcting the record with HR soonest.

As noted elsewhere: Fill out your SF85 accurately. Your employer may, or may not, notice the discrepancy. You can, certainly, discuss this with HR and correct the lie that you told. Don’t let it become an issue with your public trust application.

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