No High School Diploma or GED


Hi I recently got hired through a collections company who handles default student loans.I passed my background check through the company and was hired but now they need me to obtain a security clearance since they have a contract with the Dept of Education.My question, is can I receive a public trust security clearance even though I have not graduated or gotten my GED.I don't have a criminal record and my credit is not that bad.I am just worried when I do my EQIP the government will be able to see that and I will be declined the public trust security clearance.Does anyone have answers for this.


If your position requires access to classified materials, it requires access and you need the clearance eligibility. Education does not impact need to know. Period. If you are the person hired, and you meet the hiring requirements, and all other factors are acceptable, not having education will not enter the decision. However, if one indicated they had these qualifications and they in fact did not...and they require a position of trust...they have proved they are not trustworthy. I would anticipate a problem if this is the case.


Just to clear up the terminology, you are not being investigated for a security clearance, but rather eligibility for placement into a public trust position (SF-85P form). It has no requirement to access classified information. Amberbunny is correct in that a lack of education has no bearing on your passing a background investigation as long as there is no dishonesty about your qualifications.