Public trust clearance... am I going to fail?

I accepted a job offer last week and today HR contacted me asking about what high school O went to. Now on my application I did not list any high school. I did not finish and only received a GED. I only put college info because I did go on to get a bachelors. i told them I got a GED when asked. they then asked about a certification but there could have been kind of a mix up. i took online classes toward certificate in my field at a different college than the one i graduated but did not finish it because I only needed one of the four classes to prepare me for an in house cert at my current employer, and I also dont have enough tuition reimbursement money left to finish it anyway. I didnt say I completed it on my app just listing it on my app because it is relevant to the position…but is this the kind of thing you get denied for ?

A GED shouldn’t be a factor for disqualification (unless maybe they assumed that you earned it while in a prison. :slight_smile: