Education on clearance

I just got hired for a clerical position in a detention center in California but when I got interviewed they never asked about if had a high school or ged. Just about my work history experience. I have been in adult school since last year and almost done with my credits to receive my hs diploma though. I know they’re going to do a clearance. Will this effect me for the position?

How do you know you will get a security clearance? Which standard form (SF85, SF85P, SF85P-S, SF86) did you fill out?

Most clerical positions are public trust (this is not a security clearance), using the SF85P or SF85P-S form; the latter if you’re carrying a weapon.

Did they tell you what level clearance they require? The requirements are different for each level. If you know what level it was for I can explain what they cover and what they don’t. Did they say it was a secret clearance?

Well . . . Another question . . . Did you imply in any way at any time that you have a high school diploma?

Is this about a state position? If so, BI and confidentiality requirements are a wholly different ballgame at the state level.

I haven’t went to get fingerprinted yet and so I’m not sure what level it would be. I did not imply that I had it. I was only asked about my work history. It’s for an ice processing center.

Most ICE detention jobs are public trust. You’ll likely fill out an SF85P.

Does that show my education? Or do you think it’ll will be over looked? They really liked my work experience that I have. I’ve been working on my diploma and I should be done in a couple of months to receive all my credits.

Section 10 Where You Went To School
“List the schools you have attended, beyond Junior
and the dates they were received. If all of your education occurred more than 7 years ago, list your most recent education beyond high school, no matter when that education occurred.”

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The last time I stepped in a high school was 03 but I am attending an adult home studies program once a week, would I have to list that?

Very confusing post. Wasn’t aware clerical needed a national clearance, also thought Detention was at the local and state level.

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It’s a medical records at an ICE detention center and Wellpath hired me