. Usa jobs screw up

I recently got accepted to a positon within a fed organization that requires an sf85p.

This is a hiring suitability issue because whoever hired you was basing it off the assumption you had a degree. If the job has an education requirement then you don’t meet it. Even if it doesn’t, you were probably ranked ahead of others based on the assumption you had a degree. It may affect the appointment process, just depends on the agency and how they view it.

It depends on the grade and position that you are applying for. Government HR does not normally based its ranks on assumptions but proof. I presumed that you received a tentative offer, which means that HR did their “screening” prior to extending their offers. You were found qualified “again” after the selection was made, then HR tentatively offered you the job.

Had you not submitted your transcript, I am pretty sure that you will not get beyond the consideration/referral part of the hiring process. However, HR specialists are notorious for making mistakes tho, but I am fairly confident that this should go through unless there are other issues.

As others have stated, I don’t think that this will be a problem with your investigation. You have a reasonable explanation. The issue is with the hiring agency themselves. As far as they are concerned, you provided false information on your resume.

Then it’s up to you to clear it up. Reach out, don’t drop out. Let them know that you WANT the job and it was an unintentional error.

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Concur with Ed. You tried mitigation, consider CLEP or DANTES tests to catch up the degree, or start taking classes to show you are targeting completion. If HR was supposed to validate and didn’t, shame on them. As long as you were upfront and explained it at every turn…you should be okay. Personally I would not withdrawal.

They are required to conduct “due diligence.” Which means ask probitive questions to best understand the motivations and full story, likelihood of honesty etc. Being upfront as you said is hugely in your favor. Even if you made a reasonable mistake…still in your favor. If instructions weren’t completely clear, in your favor. If you misunderstood and acted to correct…in your favor. In short the clearance folks give you the benefit of the doubt if the situation seems understandable and explainable.

How far are you from the degree? Is this something you can get moving on? They may very well be pausing on you or thinking through how qualified the number two selection. As stated earlier if you do not meet the requirements because of the degree…you do not meet the requirements. If you are a home run on all other points they may need a waiver for the education portion, they may need recompete the position. My advice: do all you can do to close the gap on that education right now.

From what you have said to this point, this has nothing to do with the hiring agency. I’m going to guess, in fact, that your SF85P may not even been submitted yet. At this point, the issue is between you and your recruiter. If they have stopped responding to you, they may not be interested in moving forward.

GS-5 generally requires a bachelor degree; however, experience can be a substitute in certain job series. Your job announcement is the best place to look at.

Federal agencies operate differently. Once a selection is made and a tentative offer have been extended, you are set unless you fail suitability determination. I don’t think this is the case. Bear in mind, fed HRs and security offices are notorious for poor communication after initial “interaction.”

Depending on which agency, your suitability determination will be between a few weeks to up to 6 months. Just hang in there. I think you will be fine. So, hang in there… keep check with HR and PSA to make sure they do not forget you (which they do).

So, I had my BI interview last Friday and it was submitted and completed as per BI investigator from OPM this past Monday. I am confused? No contacts were contacted, no past employers, nothing… I contacted HR and they said my psa is actively working on my case. I have not received my advanced EOD either. Is this just part of the investigation for my interim? It’s for a sf85p tier 4. Will OPM send this back to my psa yo make an advanced EOD determination and my background continue on with another investigator? I am so confused

Just because your interview was done doesn’t mean the rest of the case was finished. It’s also possible they developed their own sources who did not notify you of being contacted.

I totally understand that but I am very new to this. I do not think it is over but the part that you mentioned about the investigator developing other leads not listed… that would be utterly impossible because it had only been 1 day since the interview and then it was turned in. I do agree though that additional sources will be developed. The question I am asking is: What happens next? I am assuming that another investigator will pick this up? Or this was just part of the initial pre employment so I could get cleared early to start early while the investigation went on? That is what I am confused about

Those areas of interest could’ve been worked preinterview or they haven’t gotten to them yet. If had an interview with NBIB that’s regarding your final eligibility. Now you just wait for instructions from your prospective employer and NBIB will contact you if necessary.

Were you able to make clear your initial concern on the education?

I think so. I feel confident that since I mitigated that concern to the psa that it should suffice. My file is with 3 separate background investigators as of late last week. I held about 4 different jobs due to layoffs and better opportunities so they are trying to get everything done as quick as possible I am assuming? All in all, my timeline has moved rather quickly. From interview, to co, to BI, about 4 months.

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