Graduated years after attending?

Hi! So I’m preparing to fill out the SF86 and I have an odd situation concerning Section 12. I completed my education back in 2017, but the college somehow lost my graduation application. I spent a few years struggling with health issues in my family before I realized what had happened, and I ended up having to re-enroll in order to receive my degree in Dec 2021, but I didn’t have to take any new classes. How would I list this on Section 12?

Would I state that I attended from 2015-2017, but was awarded my degree in 2021 - or would I state that I attended from 2015-2021? Would I also have to list someone who knew me at the school in either case?

Thanks in advance!

I would list dates of attendance as 2015-2017 and then add an optional comment explaining what you just did here.

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Not an issue but it begs the question. So explaining it…addresses it upfront. It is always a challenge listing folks who knew you in temporary environments. Going to college, different dorms…remembering building numbers, etc. Same with listing neighbors from military bases.