Wrong date on SF-86

Hello everyone,

I’m currently in ROTC/National Guard with a secret clearance, which was submitted for review and granted over a year ago (2021). I was looking through my SF-86 form and I noticed that I put my high school down as attended from 2016-2020. However, I actually had attended a different school for my freshman year (2016-2017). My understanding was I did not have to list my first school, since it was 2+ years before my 18th birthday. This was a mistake and I have nothing derogatory from either school.

I was wondering if this mistake will cause me any trouble? Will this mistake come up in light of the new CV/CE continuous records checks? I would assume my best bet would be to just update/explain in a few years when it must be renewed. I never had an interviewer to help me through all this so I don’t know what to do. Thank you.

You’re fine. Simple mistake.